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The YMCA Youth Work Team work with young people aged 11-19, encouraging, supporting and empowering young people within their neighbourhoods. Working under the name ‘The Den’, the team hope to provide them with support and guidance to achieve their potential. The primary focus of our youth work is on the personal, social, cultural and educational development of young people within Coventry.

Funded by the Big Lottery and Department for Digital, Culture Media Sport (DCCMS) through their Youth Investment Fund (YIF). The Youth Investment Fund aims to support voluntary and community sector youth organisations to deliver, expand and create, high quality open-access youth provision in targeted disadvantaged communities. Funding will provide young people with opportunities to develop skills, improve their wellbeing and participate in their communities. Youth Investment Fund enables grants recipients to invest in their own organisational development, and increase the sustainability of the services they provide to young people.

The Youth Investment Fund will support YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire and other voluntary youth organisations within Coventry to empower the young people of Coventry, giving them opportunities that they would otherwise miss out on. Our programs enable participants to make choices about their present and future aspirations, support and enrich their lives.

Our Youth Work sessions will provide young people with opportunities to get involved in a wide range of activities and experiences. Offering centre-based work from Willenhall and Wood End areas, we hope to provide young people with a safe and secure space to meet others, learn new skills, and an opportunity to engage in fun and rewarding activities. The YMCA Youth Work team will also offer detached youth work within the communities of Willenhall and Wood End, identifying the needs of our young people and working directly with them on personal issues, accessing their needs, listening to their problems, encouraging them and offering them support.

By first of all engaging with young people in discussion they will influence the style of youth work to meet their needs and interests. We will also extend their involvement through youth forums in each area and a ‘You said – We did’ process.

As part of our offer we aim to train young people and community members, offering Youth Work training at Level 2/3, in the hope of creating a sustainable model of youth work.We are committed to building strong futures with our young people.

Working in close collaboration with other local voluntary youth organisations. We believe by doing so, these strong partnerships enable us to strengthen the opportunities we can offer to the young people of Coventry.


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