About us

Who we are

YMCA Coventry and Warwickshire is a local YMCA charity which provides a wide range of services service to help support local people.

We are part of the English Federation of YMCAs and the worldwide YMCA Movement.

YMCA is the largest and the oldest charity working with young people in the world. Across England there are 114 YMCAs. Each one is a thriving and active community. A community that is transforming lives.

We focus on young people and help them play an active and fulfilling role within their communities. We call this a youth minded community approach. We are proud of our Christian heritage and ethos. We are an inclusive Christian movement transforming communities. We provide a wide array of community based activities and services to help meet local needs wherever we are based.

What we do

YMCA Coventry and Warwickshire provides a range of services to meet the needs primarily, but not exclusively, of local young people.  We offer support and advice when needed, mentoring,  accommodation and the chance to get involved in sports clubs, training and activities for personal development.

We also operate several social enterprises which provide opportunities to volunteer time, learn something new and to work with others. These experiences all help young people to achieve independence through training and employment.



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