31 May 2016

YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire is celebrating its history next week by taking part in an international campaign to give young people a voice. 

The local charity, which supports young people across Coventry and Warwickshire has signed up to #GiveaVoiceYMCA which has been coordinated by the World Alliance of YMCAs and YMCA England. The worldwide campaign runs on Monday 6 June, marking YMCA’s 172nd anniversary and forms part of an annual World Challenge among YMCAs across the globe.

YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire are getting involved by inviting local young people to enjoy an informal evening of ‘Pizza and Politics’ centred on the upcoming EU referendum. The event will provide a unique opportunity for those who attend to engage with politicians from the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ and ‘Vote Leave’ face to face, to find out the information they need to make an informed vote.

Andy Winter, Chief Executive of YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire said: “YMCA is proud of its history and heritage and marking our Founder’s Day in this way this year, is a wonderful opportunity to completely connect with our core work whilst celebrating the foundations on which that work is built.

“A big part of what we do at YMCA is to help young people build their lives and make positive changes for the future. This can only be done by giving them both holistic support and greater confidence to speak out on the issues that matter most to them.

“Nationally, we do this through our policy work, including our manifestos that give our young people access to politicians that are making decisions on subjects that most affect them. And locally, we want to help young people to better understand the issues that will impact on their life”

The Pizza and Politics event takes place on Monday 6 June at Drapers Bar in Coventry from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Pizza and soft drinks will be provided. For those that haven’t yet registered to vote, there will be time at the end of the event to register online.

Registration is on Eventbrite click here to sign up. Spaces are limited. Anyone wanting to register to vote will need to bring a National Insurance number to the event.

For more information on YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire visit www.ymca-cw.org.uk