6 December 2016

YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire desperately needs your help this Christmas.

Some of our 73 young residents will be fortunate enough to spend Christmas with loved ones but around half will be spending Christmas Day in one of our housing schemes.

It’s a tough day for those who don’t go home and can be a harsh reminder of everything they don’t have.

In recent years we have been supported by a national supply chain organisation who kindly donated all the food needed to put on Christmas. Sadly we heard recently that, due to improvements in their internal systems, they are no longer able to support us.

We are now faced with sourcing Christmas Dinner for 40 people in just 4 short weeks on a limited budget.

Can you help? Do you work for a butchers, a supermarket, a greengrocer or a local catering establishment? Could you donate a turkey? Could you put some extra Christmas Crackers in your trolley and donate them to YMCA? Could you buy an extra Christmas present for a resident?

We’re also looking for donations of surplus Christmas trees and decorations to brighten up our communal areas when we decorate them this week.

If you’d prefer to make a financial contribution we can accept online donations at https://mydonate.bt.com/donation/start.html?charity=163887

To offer your support please contact Lisa or Jennie at 024 76 597009 or email events@ymca-cw.org.uk