25 July 2017

YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire seeks to provide a range of accommodation, youth and community programmes and activities to enable our residents to develop more fulfilled lives as well as to progress into more independent living. In considering Value for Money (VfM) within our housing activities we consider:

  • How our housing expenditure is used ensuring that we get a good return from what we spend;
  • How our work is efficient and effective so that we maximise impact and don’t waste time or other resources;
  • Whether what we do is relevant and leads to benefits for our residents and the local communities we serve;
  • Whether what we do is making the best of new funding or partnership opportunities that will add value for our existing and future residents.

What we have done

Over the last year there are several areas of VfM that YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire have focused on:

  • We reviewed the condition of our housing stock.
  • We continued to assess the impact of work with our residents.
  • We reviewed the effectiveness of our programme and central administration function.
  • We implemented a new finance system and began a review of our finance procedures.
  • We reviewed the management information we produce to ensure key issues and variances are appropriately reported in order to improve performance.


What we are going to do next

YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire will look to do the following to ensure we deliver VfM:


  • Restructure the housing staffing model in order to improve effectiveness of support
  • Implement a focussed repairs programme to improve the quality of our housing stock
  • Continue to review policy, processess and procedures across the association to ensure effective performance of staff and utilisation of resources
  • Review budget process and procurement in order to minimise extraneous spend
  • Restructure our central staff model to reduce central costs
  • Continue to look at contracting opportunities within YMCA Central region