Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry

I’m delighted to be President of YMCA Coventry and Warwickshire for a host of reasons. Let me tell you about three of them. Bishop Christopher image 1

First, it does what Jesus did – seeking out opportunities to transform people’s lives, welcoming everyone especially if they’ve been disadvantaged in any way, inspiring them to reach their full stature, speaking out for them and then serving them in practical, caring and imaginative ways.

Second, it’s part of a world-wide organisation that’s committed to transforming local communities and empowering our own young people. It sees the big picture of an interconnected global world, and yet focuses down on making a difference here in this place.

Third, YMCA Coventry and Warwickshire really does make a difference to the lives of young people in Coventry and Warwickshire. It has some well-run accommodation, brilliant projects and creative initiatives. But it’s the raising of young people to a greater confidence and fuller dignity that impresses me the most. That’s what it’s here for and that’s why I hope that if you happen to need the support of YMCA you will make use of it. It’s also why I hope that if you are in a position to support its work, you will do so.