Working with young people

Our youth work and sports coaching team work with young people aged 8 -19 years old within our youth clubs based at the Youth Hut in Brownsover, Rugby and at the Tooth in Willenhall. Also, in partnership with Coventry City Council and funding support from StreetGames, we deliver a Doorstep Sports club based at the Hagard Community Centre in Willenhall, Coventry.

We currently offer a mix of open access provision as well as targeted opportunities such as our young men’s and young women’s groups. Sessions are informal and educational, with young people supported in their development and understanding of others through activities such as group work, arts and crafts, healthy cooking, to a range of games and high quality sports provision.

Work is also carried out with young people who, for various reasons, are currently out of the education system. For these young people the team provide a flexible, practical based learning opportunity in an informal setting, providing them with the right chances to get back into education or training.

We aim to engage under-represented groups in decision making processes, and to provide young people the ownership of their clubs to not only decide the opportunities they will receive, but be co-producers of services and to become directly involved in delivery as young leaders, volunteers, and eventually staff.

For details of the opening hours and the activities on offer please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Please email Scott Neely on scott.neely@ymca-cw.org.uk or call 024 76 995203.